Lake Charles

Lake Charles, Louisiana

The Calcasieu Ship Channel provides direct access to the  Gulf of Mexico, 34 miles downstream from the Port of Lake Charles. The Ship Channel has a depth of 40 feet.  This deepwater port is ideally located to handle all types of project and general cargo.

Its strategic location along the Calcasieu Ship Channel ensures convenient access to maritime routes, facilitating efficient transportation of goods to and from the Gulf of Mexico. With its ample depth, the port can accommodate vessels of various sizes, including those carrying oversized or specialized cargo.

Furthermore, the Port of Lake Charles, with its proximity to the Calcasieu Ship Channel, serves as a vital gateway for trade and commerce in the region. Together, they form a dynamic hub for maritime activities, offering comprehensive services for cargo handling and logistics.

Given its deepwater capabilities and strategic positioning, the Calcasieu Ship Channel and the Port of Lake Charles play a significant role in facilitating trade and economic development, serving as key assets for businesses involved in shipping, manufacturing, and distribution within the Gulf Coast region.


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